Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yesterday I rode Ti for the first time since he got back! I unfortunately left town for a few days right after he got back, but it gave him time to settle back into the barn. Hopefully this Saturday will be Barn Moving Day! We just couldn't get everything together in time for last weekend.

Wednesday the vet can finally make it out and help make us a plan. I don't care if all I should do is walk, walk, walk with him. It's good bonding time, and we can keep it interesting by going out of the ring and using poles. I just want to get both of us fit again and do it correctly even if takes longer. Even just 1.5 months out of the saddle has left me feeling really awkward while riding! I feel like my body responses about 2 minutes AFTER I try to get it do something.

Anyway, I lunged him at the walk for a few minutes with a tiny bit of trot both directions on 25-30m circle just to see how he was moving. He looks good! He doesn't have much muscle at all, but he's moving well! Then I got on and walked on a loose rein for 10 minutes, trotted him for about 5 seconds down one long side, and then hacked up and the driveway and back.

He was very cuddly yesterday! :) I gave him a bath including his face, washed and conditioned his tail, and used some Malaseb antibacterial antifungus shampoo on his hind legs where he has some rainrot. Then later in the evening, my dad and I visited, gave him more hay (he was in the stall from the TONS of rain we have gotten), cleaned his buckets, picked out the stall, and put the Equissage on him for 20 minutes. Then my mom came, and we both walked/grazed him.

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