Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I haven't posted on here in a long time! After Dr. Phelps came out to check Tiamo, she thought he was doing very well (passed the tail pull and circling tests) but needed the rest of the month off since the medicine can be so hard on them. Saturday I was finally able to get back on him. He's now on one more month of another kind of EPM medicine that I can't remember the name of right now! I wasn't able to be at the last vet check up so I'm a little foggy on the exact details. Anyway, he feels weaker than he did after he got home in July, but he seemed to really enjoy the ride. I walked him for 15-20 minutes in the arena and up some slopes in two of the pastures. He has been pretty touchy about the area from his croup back to his dock. I know Dr. Phelps mentioned that he seemed to be sore in the lumbar sacrum area the very first time she examined him. Right now we are looking into a chiropractor for him to see what they can find. We also are putting him back on the generic Ulcerguard for a month because he's back to acting a little ulcery again. Then he scraped the inside of his left hind leg + this is a crazyyy school week for me so no riding since Saturday! He's just been handwalked a little and had his leg coldhosed. Sunday we put the Equissage back on him. He was fine with the normal set up and the handheld on his girth area, but he did NOT like it on his lower back. In fact, he did a kick, albeit a small one, toward my dad. Hmmm. So something seems to be bothering him back there. Ahh, always something. Other than that, he's just such a love, and I still can't believe he's mine sometimes. He's just the most handsome, sweet horse! He loves people to hang out in the pasture with him. This weekend I might bring a chair out to the pasture and sit with him.

I continue to LOVE this barn! Everyone is awesome here. And today I found out that the owner bought the large, pretty field next to her house! I've been wanting to ride out there and now I can! They told us we can set up our two cross country jumps out there too which is exciting. It's a big, flat field surrounded by woods on 3 sides. I can't wait to hack out there.