Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good News

On Monday Dr. Phelps is coming out to reassess Tiamo since it's been a week. Other than the first day when he managed to spit half of it out (which was probably my fault), he's been taking the Marquis very well; he gets every last drop. It must not taste as bad as the banamine which he hates. I just gave him his first regular dosage instead of the double dose last night. He really hasn't been doing anything out of the ordinary at all. His legs look great too.

And the good news is that I might get to start riding him early instead of waiting 3 more weeks! Yay!!! I think he will be happy too because he seems pretty bored. Being fussed over and hand walked is only entertaining for so long people!

Photo Time!

Through the water at Spring Bay. This XC round was soooo good!
I want another one. :(

Showjumping at Spring Bay in April

At home the first night

Ti in Aiken

Well, I was going to wait until September 1 to post photos because that date marks 6 months of owning Ti! I'm impatient though and procrastinating doing something productive like finishing Anna Karenina, and Ti is very photogenic.

And they kind of loaded backwards of what I was expecting, and I didn't realize the photos would be that small. Ha, oh well!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

August Goals

Schedule my "imitating shoe removal "retake with a NE before January 1, 2011

See where Tiamo is health wise after this month of Marquis

Possibly decide on some type of rehab program for him

Figure out if there is a way for me to still take my C3 in Memphis at the of October

July Wrap Up

The beginning of July feels like 6 months ago, and I have a lot of stuff to blog about so I'm going to keep the goals short.

Make a back to work plan with the vet
Yes, she basically confirmed my thoughts on what I was planning on doing anyway.

Study for my HB Pony Club rating
Ummm. Kind of. I studied a little bit here and there for a month and then about 2 weeks before studied like no other. The few days before, the whole 4 hour drive there, and from 4am-7am Saturday morning were spent studying. And I passed! With 4 Exceeds Standards. Except for the imitating shoe removal part. Which I initially passed, but then she changed her mind. It's easy to retake though.

Get Ti settled and happy at the new barn
Yes! I LOVE the new barn and so does Ti. He looked relaxed and ate his whole dinner 5 minutes after arriving. He didn't finish meals and acted a little nervous for over a week at the old barn.

Keep using the Equissage
Yes and no. I used it less than I should have since it's a great resource.

Hack out a lot
Yes and no. I hacked out a lot until things went down the drain.

Okay, so I have rehashed this a lot, and it is kind of depressing. Since I don't think anyone reads this I'm going to try to summarize. This is what happened in the 8 days after my last post.

1. He pulled a shoe.
2. He had a mild colic.
3. He flexed positive on his RH.
4. He tested positive on the neurological tail pull and circling test (RH weakness).
5. He flexed negative two days later.
6. His legs looked fine on xrays and an ultrasound except for a little arthritis in his RH fetlock.
7. Tested positive again on the tail pull and circling.
8. Is on another month of Marquis.

He's doing fine, but the EPM thing rearing it's ugly head it frustrating and worrisome. His signs are super mild so it could be possible that this is residual. He is also getting really good care right now. We're doing pretty much everything we know of to keep him happy and healthy. I don't think he's suffering at all, lol. He even gets a HUGE pasture to himself at night. We just have to see how things are going after this month of Marquis.