Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tiamo is doing very well! There isn't anything too exciting to write about. He got a little break when I went to an overnight leadership camp, and I missed him a lot.

All of a sudden all the walking we have done has really paid off! He feels very energetic. In fact, two days ago he started bucking and was behaving a little wild. Yesterday I couldn't ride because it stormed, but this morning we had a good ride. We're doing much more trotting now, and I think if it wasn't so humid (it's not even the heat!) we could get more done. I'm going to try riding very early or late from now on. Today I rode when it was pushing early afternoon, and the heat really peaked right as I ended our ride. He was pretty hot. His breathing returned to normal less than 5 minutes later, and he cooled off but was still a little warm for awhile. We worked over trot poles and also walked and trotted over a few little flower boxes. He also did an automatic lead change one time as I was preparing to do a simple one across the diagonal. We usually work around 35-45 minutes with a lot of forward walking. Today we also trotted up AND down some slopes to warm up out of the ring (had just been trotting up and walking down). That woke him up because at first he was a little lazy.

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