Monday, July 19, 2010

Hmm, I'm not sure where to start off this post. I guess I will begin with the 17th. It was my 18th birthday, and the main activity of the day was moving Ti to Saybrook Farm! He basically settled into his stall immediately and got turned out that night with a Quarter Horse named Max who is stabled across from him.

Yesterday I took him for a walk hack (25 minutes) along one side of the pastures and 3/4 down the driveway and back. We then worked in the outdoor arena for 10 minutes at the trot and finally did a little canter both directions. I don't feel too rusty in the saddle, but I do feel like I'm probably doing all kinds of things wrong and need to a trainer or someone knowledgeable there yelling at me so I realize it. Working on that part! I just need to make some phone calls. Today I decided to go for a hack in the back field which ended up taking awhile because I had to walk out there, realized I needed halters to bring the pasture horses in, walked back to the barn, and then finally herded the four horses into one of the front pastures. It was so hot and humid today that we again did a marching, stretching walk hack up and down and around the property. It was actually very fun! There was some cool little groves of trees and slopes to go up and down, and there is a spot in the woods with a (currently dry) tiny creek bed. We did some trotting along the tree line and then a fun canter up a slope and through some trees. Basically 30 minutes of walk + 5-6 minutes of trot/canter.

The barn is super relaxing so far. There was a nice group of people yesterday who all admired Tiamo, and today I was completely on my own. People used to tell me when I said I would love to ride my horses at home one day that it gets lonely, and you end up wanting to board again. I do like having some help at the barn to get things done more quickly (moving the pasture horses turned into a bit of an ordeal afterwards when I couldn't catch two of them), but I like being alone at the barn with my horse a lot.

Anyway, Tiamo is super content in his new stall. He looks very handsome and peaceful looking out the back window at the scenery.

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