Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First Post

Well, I finally decided this morning that I should probably actually use this blog! I started off last year following Eventing-A-Gogo, and now I enjoy reading several other event rider's blogs + Eventing Nation. I have been reading people's June Wrap Ups and July Goals, and now I want to do my own!

I don't know if anyone actually reads these things. Sonny had his own little blog that I rambled on sometimes, but I don't think anyone else read it.

I'll give a little background in case someone who doesn't already know us starts reading this.

I'm a 17 year old eventer and Pony Clubber, and I live outside of Memphis, TN. I began riding consistently in the 4th grade when I lived in Montgomery, AL. I got my start there from lunge line to Beginner Novice. Since moving to Memphis I have competed through Novice as well as two Trainings on a cute Paint horse named Sonny. Last year we decided that Sonny needed an easier job and at the beginning of this summer he was sold to a great home with a dressage rider. Tiamo was the first and only horse I looked at in February, and we bought him at the beginning of March. I knew a little about Ti from reading COTH. He kind of has his own fan club and is a very special horse. I'll have to write about his history sometime if I get enough followers that don't know about it. Anyway, he competed through Prelim with Allison Springer.

This is now becoming long, but I was at Maydaze competing when Ti started showing some very scary neurological signs in his stall. We got him to Rood and Riddle as quickly as possible where he was diagnosed and aggressively treated for EPM. Ti is a fighter, and he made a really amazing recovery over the course of a week. So he could get some R & R and finish his medication close to the vet, Ti stayed at Three Sister's Farm in Georgetown (http://www.3sistersfarmky.com/) for over a month. We visited him at the beginning of June right after he had left the hospital. He looked good and acted happy as a clam, but he was definitely a bit thin and had lost muscle. We just picked him up this weekend, and I'm so happy he is home. He put on a bunch of weight, and you can tell he feels so good! Sarah Cahill at Three Sister's took wonderful care of him and was in communicatin with Dr. Morresey at Rood and Riddle the whole time. He's actually pretty darn spunky and nearly ran me over on the way to the pasture yesterday.

Now I'm about to start bringing back into work which is very exciting.

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