Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jump School

So yesterday evening I did my jump school as planned. It went decently considering I haven't had a jump lesson in 2 months! Tiamo was fabulous as always. Dana didn't jump Ava, but she helped me set up the grid anyway. It was the one from the first clinic we did with Allison: bounce, 1-stride, bounce. I made one bounce two small verticals and the other two crossrails.

We warmed up over some bounce cavaletti, and he was pretty responsive. He went through the grid well, but the second bounce was consistently too tight (he started drifted slightly in an effort to make more room) until I started paying more attention to the quality of the trot coming into the grid. Dana reminded me of that, and she was right. When I really tried to get a bouncier feel with more impulsion, he bounced straight through. I also cantered around over a few small fences several times, piecing together mini courses, just to practice getting a nice rhythm going.

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