Saturday, May 7, 2011


Tiamo has been 100% sound the past three days. The little bit of weirdness seems to be gone. Knocking on wood! I'm scared of posting this and jinxing us. I've ridden him three times. We walked for 25 minutes the first day. I trotted just to see how he felt, and he was kind of stiff behind. The next day that stiff feeling went away after a lap around the arena. Then yesterday he felt completely normal from the get go; I had walked him a lot before trotting. We hacked around near the arena, did a bunch of turn on the forehands and backing up, and then trotted. The previous two days we did a line of 5 cavaletti at the walk (at the second lowest height, just a little bit off the ground), and yesterday we trotted over them. His stifles did catch twice yesterday. They were in our trot/walk transitions, and I don't think I prepared him well enough/kept my leg on in those instances. So...looking good so far! I'm going out there in just a little while to ride again. Hopefully the pastures will dry out a little more so we can do some trotting and cantering out there. Dana and I went on a walk hack, but some areas were quite muddy and wet so we didn't do anymore than that.

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