Friday, February 11, 2011

2011 Plans

I haven't updated this in forever. I'm just going to pretend that months and months haven't gone by and just start fresh. I don't think anyone reads this anyway, but if someone does and wants to know what happened between September and now, then comment and let me know!

The new season is starting up, and I'm very excited about it! Coming up next weekend is the Allison Springer clinic at my barn which should be great. The weather is looking very nice for that weekend as well (mid-50s).

Allison Springer Clinic (2/19-2/20)
Poplar Place (3/25-27)
Chattahoochee Hills (4/9-4/10)
Poplar Place/Area III Championships (5/6-5/8)
O'Connor Clinic at Holly Hill (5/27-5/30)

That is most likely the Spring schedule although things could possibly change. Tentatively, I'm also thinking....

Greg Best Clinic (6/7-6/8)
Champagne Run (7/15-7/17)
Pony Club Festival (7/23-7/26)
River Glen (8/6-8/7)
AECs (9/7-9/11)
Middle TN (10/8-10/9)

The schedule after August River Glen is especially iffy depending on where I decide to go to college in the fall. I have it narrowed down to my top two choices now, but it's a tough decision! First, I'm trying to plan second visits to both so I can attend classes and/or spend the night in a dorm.

Also, I'm going to try to post later with videos of our first real dressage lesson that was back in November, training plans, goals, etc.

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I read! I stopped checking because you hadn't updated in so long. I'm really happy that everything seemed to work out with Tiamo's EPM. Best of luck this year